The history of the formation of the political and economic elite in the Sverdlovsk region

Leonid Fedorovich Bobykin

Born on January 29, 1930 in the village of Perzha, Yaransky District, Kirov Region.

In 1953 he graduated from the mechanical faculty of the Ural Polytechnic Institute named after V.I. SM Kirov with a degree in mechanical equipment of metallurgical plants.

After graduation, he worked as a design engineer at Uralmashzavod, in November 1954 he was elected 2nd secretary of the Ordzhonikidze district committee of the All-Union Leninist Young Communist League in Sverdlovsk, but a year later he left the Komsomol work and returned back to the plant, worked as a shift foreman, shop foreman, head of the group of the department of the main designer of rolling equipment Uralmashzavod. In 1956 he joined the Communist Party of the Soviet Union.

In 1961 he switched to party work, becoming first the second, and from February 1963 - the first secretary of the Ordzhonikidze District Committee of the CPSU in Sverdlovsk. In March 1969, he was transferred to the Sverdlovsk City Committee of the CPSU for the post of second secretary, and in October 1971 he headed the City Committee.

In November 1976, when the new leadership of the regional committee was formed (headed by B.N.Yeltsin), Bobykin was elected secretary for mechanical engineering and the defense industry, but already in February 1977 he was promoted to second secretary of the regional committee. In May 1983 he was transferred to the central office, first he was deputy head, and since January 1986 — head of the Department of Light Industry and Consumer Goods of the Central Committee of the CPSU. At the XXVII Congress of the CPSU (February 1986), he was elected a candidate member of the Central Committee of the CPSU.

On June 16, 1988 , he was elected first secretary of the Sverdlovsk regional committee of the CPSU, replacing Yuri Petrov, a loyal ally of Boris Yeltsin, in this post. Under pressure from the public due to the conflict with Yeltsin, he was dismissed. On February 12, 1990, two weeks after his 60th birthday, he was retired.