The history of the formation of the political and economic elite in the Sverdlovsk region

Korogly Dzhamoevich Mamedov

Was born in 1958 in Tbilisi.

Korogly Mamedov is a Yezidi by nationality.

According to the Prime Crime website, Korogly Mamedov was first sentenced to 2 years in prison in Georgia in 1977. In 1981, in Tbilisi, Mamedov was “crowned” (became a “thief in law”). Received the nickname Karo.

In 1981 he was sentenced to 8 years in prison in Armenia. In 1982 he was serving a sentence in Georgia. And in 1984 there is evidence of Korogly Mamedov's stay in places of detention in Tobolsk, Tyumen region. At the same time, another influential crime boss, Aslan Usoyan, was serving a sentence in Tobolsk, who, like Korogly Mamedov, was a Yezidi by nationality.

In 1991, Korogly Mamedov was sentenced to 1 year in prison in Georgia. He served his sentence in correctional colony No. 12 in the vicinity of the city of Nizhny Tagil, Sverdlovsk region. At the same time, the above-mentioned Aslan Usoyan was serving a sentence in the Sverdlovsk region. Some sources come across allegations of family ties between Korogly Mamedov and Aslan Usoyan, which is quite possible given that they belong to one relatively small ethnic group of Yezidis. However, since at least the mid-1990s, these crime bosses have been in a state of enmity, which has had a significant impact on the underworld of the Sverdlovsk region, and throughout Russia, given the scale of the influence of these crime bosses.

On February 11, 1992, Korogly Mamedov was released under an amnesty, but he did not return to his native Georgia, but remained in the Sverdlovsk region. Subsequently, the priority places of stay of Korogly Mamedov will be the cities of Nizhniy Tagil of the Sverdlovsk region, Sochi of the Krasnodar region and Moscow.

In June 1992, in Nizhny Tagil, Korogly Mamedov took part in the "coronation" of the Sverdlovsk crime boss Andrei Anatolyevich Trofimov (Trof). Subsequently, Andrei Trofimov will be in close contact with Korogly Mamedov. Judging by the fact that Aslan Usoyan also took part in the "coronation" of Trofimov, there was still no conflict between Usoyan and Mamedov, although at that time a war was already raging between the Yekaterinburg organized crime groups "Center", in the creation of which Usoyan probably took part, and OPG "Uralmash", which will later become an ally Mamedov.

Korogly Mamedov had a younger brother, Mirian Mamedov (Miron), who was also a “thief in law”. It should be noted that Mirian Mamedov became a “thief in law” before his older brother Korogly, which means that Mirian Mamedov could well have been a more authoritative thief than Korogly Mamedov.

In February 1995, Mirian Mamedov gathered a gathering in Moscow, at which he raised the issue of depriving Zakhary Kalashov (Shakro-molodoy) of the title of thief in law, a member of Aslan Usoyan's clan, due to the fact that he is engaged in drug trafficking. Perhaps the cause of the conflict between Mamedov and Usoyan was the aggravation of relations between the thief in law Aksen (Sergei Mikhailovich Aksenov - "Izmailovskaya" organized criminal group in Moscow) and Zakhary Kalashov. Mamedov either joined Aksen or initially entered the orbit of his influence. Information was published that the reason for the conflict between Aksenov and Kalashov was the division of the aluminum business. In January 1996, Mirian Mamedov was killed in Moscow. It was argued that the reason for the murder was the enmity of the Mamedov clan with the clan of Aslan Usoyan. After the murder of Mirian Mamedov, at a thieves' meeting, it was decided that the "overseer" of the Samara region would instead be the thief in law Anzor under the supervision of Zakhary Kalashov. Taking this into account, it is possible that the real reason for the conflict between Mamedov and Kalashov was the issue of control over the Samara region, where the largest automobile plant AvtoVAZ was located, which served as a source of income, including for criminal groups. Another version of the reasons for the outbreak of the criminal war was the conflict between Aslan Usoyan and Rudolf Oganov (Rudik Bakinsky) after the death in 1993 of the recognized crime boss Rafael Baghdasaryan (Raf Svo), who patronized Usoyan.

It should be noted that a significant part of the criminal authorities who have joined one or another side of the conflict can be conditionally divided according to their "national orientation" towards Armenia or Azerbaijan, often regardless of their real nationality. Thus, the clan of Aslan Usoyan was dominated by crime bosses with surnames of Armenian origin (the ending of surnames in -yan). And on the side of Korogly Mamedov, criminal authorities with surnames of Azerbaijani origin or who had lived in Azerbaijan for a considerable time (before the start of the Armenian-Azerbaijani conflict in Nagorno-Karabakh) prevailed. Part of the patronymic (and in the case of Mamedov's own name) Oglu indicates his Azerbaijani origin. Rudolf Oganov, who was on the side of Mamedov, although he was an Armenian by nationality, lived a significant part of his life in Azerbaijan and received the nickname Rudik Bakinsky. In addition, among the enemies of Aslan Usoyan , the actual Azerbaijani criminal authorities, for example, Rovshan Dzhaniev, were mentioned. It is quite possible that the conditionally “Armenian” and conditionally “Azerbaijani” clans of Yezidi crime bosses existed for a long time, but until a certain time there was a truce between them, and in the mid-1990s, contradictions led to the outbreak of a criminal war.

In June 1997, at a thieves' meeting in Sochi, Korogly Mamedov questioned Usoyan's Usoyan's "thieves" authority due to the fact that he was involved in drug trafficking and the supply of technical alcohol for the manufacture of fake vodka.

In connection with the version that the conflict could have begun due to the division of the aluminum business with the participation of the leader of the Izmailovskaya organized criminal group Sergei Aksenov, it should be noted that in 1997 there was a conflict between the Chernois brothers, who controlled a significant part of the aluminum industry in Russia and, presumably, associated with the "Izmailovskaya" organized criminal group. Probably, Mikhail Chernoi joined the “Azerbaijani” branch of the Russian criminal hierarchy, to which Korogly Mamedov belonged. There is information that in the Sverdlovsk region, Mikhail Chernoi closely interacted with one of the prominent figures of the Azerbaijani diaspora, Asadulla Murtuz Oglu Kuliyev.

In September 1998, Korogly Mamedov and Andrei Trofimov "crowned" the crime boss from Krasnoturyinsk, Sverdlovsk region, Shteigerwald Vladimir Yuryevich (Shtaket). His father Shteigerwald Yuri Fridrikhovich was the founder of the Association of Small and Medium Business Entrepreneurs in Krasnoturyinsk, and his brother Shteigerwald Maksim Yuryevich, according to information for 2010, was the Director of the Investment Promotion Department of the Ministry of Economy of the Sverdlovsk Region. According to the information agency "" for 2014, Maxim Shteigerwald worked in the leadership of the federal fund for the development of Internet initiatives. In 2002, Vladimir Shteigerwald died in an accident.

In 2002, an authoritative businessman Vladimir Mashinsky, who had the support of Aslan Usoyan, was killed in Nizhny Tagil. According to law enforcement agencies, Korogly Mamedov was involved in the crime, who instructed a member of his group, Emzar Arakelov, to organize the murder of Mashinsky. Mashinsky was shot from a machine gun in a barbershop, and the girl-hairdresser also died. The trial on this crime took place only in 2018, but the jury acquitted the accused of committing the crime.

In 2004, the leader of the Uralmash organized crime group, Alexander Khabarov, gathered a gathering of loyal crime bosses in the center of Yekaterinburg. During his speech, Khabarov said that he supports the criminal authorities Trofu (Andrei Trofimov) and Karo (Korogly Mamedov) and will not tolerate attempts to dispose of them by Aslan Usoyan. Among those who "stir up" against Trofa and Karo, Khabarov mentioned Timur (Temuri Mirzoev), Avto (Avtandil Kobeshavidze) and Kazaryan (Eduard Kazaryan), whom Khabarov especially noted as the instigator of criminal showdowns. According to media reports, Korogly Mamedov and Andrei Trofimov were recognized in the criminal world as "overseers" of the Sverdlovsk region. Aslan Usoyan took steps to revise their status, and Khabarov's speech was the answer to that.

The demonstrative gathering in the center of Yekaterinburg and Khabarov's mention of the undesirability of stirring up interethnic conflicts were probably addressed to the federal center and state power structures, so that they took action and extinguished the conflict in the bud. But Khabarov's calculation turned out to be wrong. Law enforcement agencies first of all hit not on Usoyan, who was in the shadows, but on Aleksandr Khabarov, who dared to bring the conflict to the public plane. He was charged with coercion into a deal with shares and driven to suicide in a pre-trial detention center in January 2005.

It should be noted that Khabarov tried to play the national card, claiming that he was protecting Yekaterinburg from the expansion of Caucasian crime bosses. And some media picked up this topic, presenting the conflict as a showdown between Caucasian and Slavic crime bosses. In reality, the conflict was probably between two Yezidi clans - the clan of Aslan Usoyan and the clan of Korogly Mamedov, in which Alexander Khabarov sided with Mamedov.

Among Moscow crime bosses, Alexander Khabarov announced his support for Aksen (Sergei Mikhailovich Aksenov - "Izmailovskaya" organized criminal group) and Baiko (Sergei Nikolayevich Kutateladze), who were in conflict with the criminal clans of Aslan Usoyan and Zakhary Kalashov. It should be noted that the owners of FIGs who own large enterprises in the Sverdlovsk region - Iskandar Makhmudov and Oleg Deripaska - were suspected in connection with the "Izmailovskaya" organized criminal group.

After the death of Alexander Khabarov, Korogly Mamedov, presumably, maintained good relations with the leaders of the Uralmash organized crime group. Personal contacts of Korogly Mamedov's relatives with Alexander Anatolyevich Gorbunov, who is mentioned in the publication of the news agency in 2013 as a member of the “first management circle” of the Uralmash organized crime group, are traced. It is interesting that this publication "" disappeared from the website of the news agency. You can get acquainted with it on the website Kompromat.Ru. A number of other Internet resources published information about the participation of Alexander Gorbunov in the raider seizures of trade organizations in Yekaterinburg: the Akademichesky market in 2008, the Kirov wholesale market in 2012 and Baza na Komsomolskaya LLC in 2013.

In 2011, Korogly Mamedov was detained in Nizhny Tagil. The reason for the detention was the statement of the Chechen Said Bogatyrev, who together with Mamedov was a co-owner of the OJSC Nizhniy Tagil Base of Wholesale Trade (Tagilopttorg), that Mamedov extorted money from him and threatened him with physical violence. In 2013, the Nizhny Tagil court sentenced Korogly Mamedov to 8 years in a general regime colony for extortion of a block of shares in Tagiloptotorg OJSC. He must be released on May 25, 2019.

After the end of the Sochi Olympics in 2014, the demolition of the squatter structures resumed. Among the squatter structures to be demolished were boat hangars built by the Green Hill 2 cooperative. The shareholders of the cooperative were 30 individuals and one legal entity. Among the shareholders were the wife of Korogly Mamedov, his two children and the father of the late crime boss Shteigerwald Vladimir Yuryevich, who was crowned thief in law by Korogly Mamedov. The shareholder of the cooperative was JSC Index-XX. This company is affiliated with the brokerage company Index-XX, among whose clients, according to Novaya Gazeta, were Sergei Chemezov, president of the state-owned company Rosoboronexport, Roman Tsepov, a former security guard of Vladimir Putin, as well as former and current high-ranking officials of the Ministry of Finance, RFFI, The Ministry of Communications, the Ministry of Agriculture, the State Fisheries Committee, customs, Gazprom, Vneshtorgbank and other officials. It is not a fact that Korogly Mamedov has any influence on the activities of Index-XX, but it is worth considering the possibility of this.

Presumably, a relative of Korogly Mamedov is Salmanova Natela Dzhemovna, who lives in Moscow. At least five members of her family were involved in criminal cases involving robbery, theft and extortion.

Several members of her family worked at ZAO Financial and Pledge Company Meridian-2M (a network of pawnshops in Moscow). Ruslan Magomedovich Ganizhev, who later changed his name to Ruslan Izrailevich Gorring, who became notorious in January 2019, worked at the Meridian-2M company at the same time when members of the Sal-manov family were working there. According to the newspaper Komsomolskaya Pravda, in the 2010s Ruslan Gorring-Ganizhev boasted that he was engaged in the diamond business in African countries. Subsequently, Ruslan Gorring was appointed deputy head of Rosgeologia and officially began working in African countries.

There is a connection at the place of residence of the Salmanov family with the Kairuk family. One of the members of this family, Kairuk Yevgeny Leonidovich, according to available information, worked in the State Unitary Enterprise Foreign Economic Association "Almazyuvelirexport".

Thus, the relatives of the crime boss Korogly Mamedov could have known at the same time Ruslan Gorring-Ganizhev, who was supposedly involved in the diamond business, and Yevgeny Kairuk, an employee of the Almazyuvelirexport Foreign Economic Association, who, it would seem, were created for each other. This may well be a coincidence, but it may also be suspicious. It is possible that the relatives of the crime boss Korogly Mamedov, who worked in the pawnshop business, could have some interest in the diamond business of Gorring-Ganizhev, who used connections in the Almazyuvelirexport association.

While Korogly Mamedov was serving another term, his main competitors managed to die: Aslan Usoyan was killed in January 2013, and Temuri Mirzoev died of illness a year later in January 2014. The leading position in the Usoyan clan, presumably, was taken by Zakhary Kalashov (Shakro-young), who returned from Spain in 2014. In 2016, Kalashov got into a showdown between two women, which entailed completely disproportionate consequences for the entire clan of Zakhary Kalashov. As a result of the investigation of a largely trifling case, Kalashov himself was arrested, as well as high-ranking officials of the Investigative Committee of Russia, who solved Kalashov's problems for a monetary reward.

Things turned out pretty well for the Korogly Mamedov clan in the Sverdlovsk region. From 2009 to 2012, the Sverdlovsk Region was governed by Governor Alexander Misharin, who had connections with the OCG Center and members of Aslan Usoyan's clan through the Foratek group of companies, friendly to Misharin. However, in 2012, Misharin was replaced by a native of the Tyumen region, Yevgeny Kuyvashev, under whom entrepreneurs Artem Bikov and Alexei Bobrov, suspected of having links with the leaders of the Uralmash organized crime group, triumphantly returned to the Sverdlovsk region. Under the control of Bikov and Bobrov, the largest regional enterprise in the field of housing and communal services, GUP Oblkommunenergo, came under the control of Bikov and Bobrov, and in 2018 the company Rifey controlled by these entrepreneurs became an operator for working with solid municipal waste in a third of the territory of the Sverdlovsk region. Perhaps under the influence of these entrepreneurs, Governor Yevgeny Kuyvashev decided to aggravate relations with the mayor's office of Yekaterinburg ahead of the city council elections in 2018. As a result, the power in Yekaterinburg was replaced by a loyal governor, and people close to the Uralmash organized crime group, for example, the sons of the “authoritative” businessman Andrei Vikharev, got advantageous positions.

Date of information update: 2019.