The history of the formation of the political and economic elite in the Sverdlovsk region

Tverskaya Finance BV

Tverskaya Finance BV was registered in the Netherlands at: Delft, Martinus Nijhofflaan, 2.

In 2001, a representative office of the company in Moscow was registered in Moscow. Gevorkyan Georgy Albertovich was registered as the head of the representative office.

There is reason to believe that Tverskaya Finance BV belongs to the MCD-Group. This group of companies was actually created in the mid-1990s with the participation of the following persons:
- Boris Samuilovich Kuzinets;
- Gagik Vladimirovich Adibekyan;
- Georgy Albertovich Gevorkyan;
- Sergey Albertovich Gevorkyan.

Probably the name MCD is an abbreviation for "Moscow Construction and Development". A company with this name is presumably controlled by Gagik Adibekyan.

This group of companies became one of the largest developers in Moscow, thanks to extremely fruitful cooperation with the management of Moscow State University, which in 2006 became the subject of an audit by the Accounts Chamber of the Russian Federation. The Accounts Chamber discovered a number of illegal actions on the part of Moscow State University, but this did not entail significant consequences for the above group of persons.

In 1996, Moscow State University entered into investment agreements with Devonport Trading & Investments Limited, in accordance with which Moscow State University transferred the land plots run by the University to the company for development at the addresses: Mokhovaya st., 9 and Romanov lane, owner 4, building 4. Devonport Trading and Investments Limited was incorporated in 1990 1990 in the UK. Boris Kuzinets has been listed as one of the company's leaders since 1992. In 1997, Devonport Trading and Investments Limited transferred all rights and obligations under these agreements to the Dutch firm R.D. Project Development B.V. " (RD Project Development BV). RD in the name of the company means "Romanov Development". At first, Boris Kuzinets was listed as the head of the company, but since 1998 - Gagik Adibekyan. On the basis of this company, Adibekyan created a group of companies RD Group, which built the Romanov Dvor business quarter at the address: Romanov Lane, 4. The new group of companies was registered by Adibekyan in Luxembourg at 142-144, rue Albert Unden. This group of companies probably included the Moscow Construction and Development company, which was registered in Luxembourg at the same address and in 2011 carried out the reconstruction of the Ro-manov Alley between Mokhovaya Street and Romanov Lane, that is, where the building was carried out by RD Group. The reconstruction of the alley was carried out by order of the Administrative Department of the President of the Russian Federation. The site where the reconstruction was carried out was in a special closed regime due to its proximity to the Kremlin. Gagik Adibekyan's charitable foundation, the Coordinating Council of Russian Compatriots of Luxembourg - "Luxembourg's Russian Club", as well as several other companies, among which the Alfa Consult SA company should be especially highlighted, were registered at the RD Group's address in Luxembourg. This company in 2005 and 2007 built buildings for the US Army in Iraq. Whether this company is connected with Gagik Adibekyan is unknown.

In 1995, Moscow State University signed an agreement with Devonport Trading and Investments Limited for the development of a branch of the Moscow State University Botanical Garden at Prospekt Mira, 26. In 1998, Devonport Trading and Investments Limited transferred all rights and obligations under the agreement to the Dutch company Gardens Corporation B.V. (Gardens Corporation BV), which was first headed by Boris Kuzinets, and later by Sergey Gevorkyan. It was reported that Boris Kuzinets created the development company MCD-Group together with the Gevorkyan brothers, and subsequently ceded his share to them and began to develop other projects. The representative office of the MCD-Group was located in Moscow at 26 Prospekt Mira. The representative office of the Dutch company Tverskaya Finance BV was registered at the same address in 2001, headed by Georgy Gevorkyan.

Information was published that the activities of the representative offices of the companies "Tverskaya Finance BV" and "Dorenia B.V." (Dorenia BV was also included in the zone of influence of the Gevorkyan brothers) former Deputy Prime Minister of the Russian Federation Oleg Ivanovich Lobov, who had extensive experience in construction, was involved. According to the Kommersant newspaper, Oleg Lobov admitted that he was the executive director of the Russian office of Tverskaya Finance BV.

The main companies of the Gevorkian brothers, which are part of the MCD-Group, were registered in the Netherlands and Cyprus. But the offshore firms that control these companies were registered in the British Virgin Islands. There is reason to believe that one of the largest offshore registrars on these islands (Commonwealth Trust Limited) could have been created with the participation of people from Oleg Lobov's inner circle. And this, in turn, may mean that Oleg Lobov was not just a hired manager with great lobbying opportunities, but could to some extent control the companies that are part of the MCD-Group.

In 2000, the Moscow government signed an investment contract with the Tverskaya Finance BV company for the construction and reconstruction with the restoration of a complex of buildings at the address: st. Znamenka, ow. 3-7, ow. 9/12. Among the owners of the renovated buildings was Arda Holding Delft BV.

The representative office of Arda Holding Delft BV was located in Moscow at the same address as the representative office of Tverskaya Finance BV. Not only the actual and legal addresses of the companies' representative offices in Moscow coincided, but also the addresses of the companies themselves in the Netherlands. An employee of the Gevorkyan brothers' company MCD-Group Spasov Yavor Frantsevich was also indicated as the head of the representative office of Arda Holding Delft BV in Moscow. This suggests that Tverskaya Finance BV and Arda Holding Delft BV were part of the same group of companies.

Khala Elena Anatolyevna, who is the wife of Khala Andrey Vladimirovich, deputy commander of the Joint Group of Forces in the North Caucasus for work with personnel and population, was registered as the head of the representative office of Arda Holding Delft BV in Moscow. Andrei Khala served in the Chechen Republic. Note that Oleg Lobov in the mid-1990s was the plenipotentiary representative of the President of the Russian Federation in the Chechen Republic.

The Dutch register of companies indicates that the parent company in relation to Arda Holding Delft BV is Instroy LLS in Moscow. Probably, this means LLC "Instroy", the founders of which, as of 2015, were Elena Anatolyevna Khala (10% of the authorized capital) and Mikhail Valerievich Moskalev (90% of the authorized capital). Mikhail Moskalev was a former vice president of AvtoVAZ. According to Forbes magazine, Mikhail Moskalev played an important role in the fact that the state-owned company Rosoboronexport became the main shareholder of AvtoVAZ. From 2011 to 2014, Moskalev was the general director of the Olympic sports complex in Moscow. Under Moskalev, the Olimpiyskiy sports complex passed from the control of the Moscow property department into private hands. In 2014, Moskalev became one of the main shareholders of the First Construction and Installation Trust OJSC (Moscow), which was originally created for the construction of objects of the military-industrial complex of the USSR. LLC "Instroy" was registered at the address where the "First Construction and Installation Trust" is located.

The Tverskaya Finance BV company was the owner of the domain, which hosted the website of the Instroy group of companies, which managed the Zna-menka Residence multifunctional complex. This confirms that Tverskaya Finance BV and Arda Holding Delft BV were, in fact, part of the same group of companies.

The founders of LLC Instroy at various times included another former vice-president of AvtoVAZ, Pronin Alexander Nikolaevich (after leaving AvtoVAZ, he headed the Luzhniki sports complex, and was also an advisor to Sergei Chemezov, the head of the state corporation Russian Technologies, formed on the basis of the state-owned company Ro-soboronexport), as well as a company from New Zealand "Nordex Developments Limited".

The name of the company "Nordex" evokes associations with the famous businessman Grigory Luchansky, who was accused of having links with organized crime. No connection was established between the New Zealand company Nordex Developments Limited and Grigory Luchansky. However, it should be noted that companies controlled by Oleg Lobov had a number of coincidences in their phone numbers with companies controlled by Grigory Luchansky.

The New Zealand company register indicates that the director of Nordex Developments Limited was a resident of Austria, Emanuel Alaev. The Internet mentions Austrian citizen Emmanuel Alaev, who was found guilty of illegal organization of gambling in the Volgograd region. It is quite possible that this is the same Alaev, who headed the Nordex Developments Limited company. It is possible, however, that Alaev was not directly associated with the activities of the LLC Instroy, controlled by Moskalev and Pronin, but provided only financial and legal services for the registration and management of offshore companies.

Even more interesting is the owner of Nordex Developments Limited. It is indicated that 100% of the shares of this company are again owned by the New Zealand company Manas Records Limited. Recording company "Manas Records" was founded in 1995-1996 in Kassel (Germany) on the basis of the gallery of oriental art "Manas" with the aim of publishing ethnic music from the regions of Central Asia and the North Caucasus. In 1997 the company was presented in Moscow. The founder of the company was an orientalist, producer and DJ Nadirov Nazim Anvarovich, who was born in Kazakhstan into a Kurdish and Karachai family. The direct connection of the New Zealand company Manas Records Limited with Nazim Nadirov is indicated by the fact that Aleksandr Zakhartsev, probably Alexander Zakhartsev, was registered as the director of the New Zealand company. 4, building 2. The Autonomous Non-Commercial Organization of Ethnocultural Communications "Arba Mir" is registered at this address, the head and founder of which is Nazim Nadirov.

Larysa Boyko is listed as the sole owner of Manas Records Limited, a New Zealand company. There is reason to believe that this is Boyko Larisa Ivanovna, who was registered as the head of a number of legal entities that are part of the Eleks-Polyus group of companies. This group of companies was controlled by former top managers of AvtoVAZ Mikhail Moskalev and Alexander Pronin and has been the largest dealer of AvtoVAZ since 2006, when the state company Rosoboronexport took control of the plant, until bankruptcy in 2009.

At the address Moscow, Ananyevsky lane, house 4, fraction 2, building 1, where ANO "Arba mira" was registered, several legal entities were registered, the founders or heads of which were Larisa Boyko and Alexander Zakhartsev. It should be noted that by the end of 2006, "Arba Mir" was registered in the Tver region at the address Tver, Volny Novgorod st., 5. A number of legal entities with the participation of Boyko and Zakhartsev were also registered at this address. Thus, Nazim Nadirov's connection with this group of persons is not accidental.

What connects the former top managers of AvtoVAZ Moskalev and Pronin with the producer Nazim Nadirov, nicknamed DJ Doctor Ethno, has not yet been found out. In the biography of Nazim Nadirov, there are generally enough unclear points. For example, Nazim Nadirov from distant Kazakhstan entered the Faculty of Philology at Moscow University. According to Nazim Nadirov, all Asian students, except him, were expelled after the first session not so much because of academic performance, but because of their nationality. After university, Nadirov went to work at the Academy of Sciences. And then he started working as a translator from the German language at the State Concert, which further contributed to his production activities in Germany. In Soviet times, gaining access abroad was an "overwhelming" task, and even for a representative of a politically "unreliable" nationality, it was completely beyond the realm of possibility. There were, however, ways beyond this line, for example, - cooperation with the state security agencies. Nazim Nadirov, however, in his interviews gave a rather low rating to those who collaborated with the "authorities" under Soviet rule. And there is no confirmation of this assumption at the moment.

It should be noted that Nazim Nadirov is not from an ordinary family. His uncle Nadirov Nadir Karimovich is a respected petrochemical scientist in Kazakhstan, who is sometimes even called the “father of Kazakhstani oil science”. In addition, Nadir Nadirov was one of the founders and president of the Kurdish Association of Kazakhstan. It is possible that this Kurdish family of Nadirovs is related to the Kurdish Vezir Nadirov, who during the Second World War led the military intelligence of the Transcaucasian Military District, and after the war carried out reconnaissance missions in Iran. Recall that the former top managers of AvtoVAZ, Moskalev and Pronin, acted in the interests of the head of Rosoboronexport, Sergei Chemezov. Rosoboronexport was engaged in the export of weapons, which in Soviet times was the prerogative of military intelligence.

Simpler versions also have a right to exist. For example, that Nazim Nadirov met the Gevorkyan brothers, who manage the Tverskaya Finance BV company, in Kazakhstan, where the brothers imported food before starting the development business in Moscow. Or the option that Nadirov is not at all aware of the existence of the Gevorkyan brothers, Moskalev and Pronin. In this case, the only question remains why Nazim Nadirov needed to register his non-profit organization with the help of persons who, presumably, help to minimize taxes, and, perhaps, to launder criminal proceeds.

Date of information update: 2015.